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The 12 Days of Christmas ... 4th Class Edition!

Last week we did a vote on what to do for our Winter Performance. The children not only decided on what song to perform, but also that they would like to write their own version of a well known song! Even though Storm Barra delayed our writing sessions and rehearsal's they wrote a very creative and catchy version of the 12 Days of Christmas - in less than an hour! Each pod wrote their own lyrics which they were to perform. And would you believe that they had it learned in a day!

Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to be in school this week, but that didn't stop them! Today we zoomed those at home who were able to join us and participate in our recording. Everyone has worked so hard on writing, learning, rehearsing and performing our video, and I am so proud of the students and how they didn't let any obstacle overcome them! Next week you can watch the finished product!


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