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Pancake Tuesday - science or baking you may ask!

Claire’s class had a busy day on Tuesday making pancakes. Here is their account of what they did!

  • We had to read the recipe carefully and work together to follow all of the steps.

  • We used 1 egg, 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of milk. We took it in turns to whisk up all of the ingredients until we made our smooth pancake batter.

  • Each group took turns to fry their pancakes.

  • The heat made the pancake batter change from a liquid to a solid.

  • We noticed the colour change from yellow to brown and we saw some bubbles bursting in the pancakes as they were cooking.

  • Then we tried flipping them but some landed on the floor!

  • We ate our pancakes with lemon and sugar. yum!


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