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Aistear at Autumn time

The children love ‘Aistear’ (playtime). We go into small groups and play for 30 minutes every day.

This month we’ve been learning all about Autumn:

· We’ve gone on outdoor walks to find signs of Autumn. This week we also did some leaf rubbings.

· We’ve had lots of sensory play with our Autumn tuff tray and sand pit full of conkers, pine cones, leaves etc. (BIG thanks to everyone who contributed to this!)

· We’ve done awesome Autumn art like painting Autumn trees and making leaf men

· We’ve had great fun during role play in our ‘Pumpkin Patch café’

· We’ve improved our cutting skills when cutting out Autumn creatures

· We’ve made wonderful Autumn creations with playdough.

Our buddies in 3rd class come to help us during Aistear time too.

We hope you enjoy these photos!

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