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The Amber Flag

This year we in Malahide/Portmarnock ETNS are aiming to receive the Amber Flag award. The Amber Flag is a mental health initiative run by Pieta House and is designed to help schools promote positive wellbeing. In order to achieve this award our school must engage in a series of initiatives that will foster and promote wellbeing.

As January is our school’s wellbeing month we are aiming to run a series of events. We are in the process of developing our action plan and need your help.  If you have an expertise in the field of wellbeing e.g. Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation etc. that would be of benefit to the school community we would love to hear from you before the end of November.

We hope to get as many parents as possible involved in our mission to achieve our goal so don’t be shy, we accept all expertise!


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