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Positive Mental Health Month

January is Positive Mental Health Month in our school and so it is set to be a really active month for the Amber Flag team!

They have compiled a programme of very exciting activities as part our wellbeing initiative. Check out the events that are coming up this month!

This week- All classes will participate in mindful minute each day. The children may also be getting wellbeing tasks for homework so keep an eye out.

Jan 9th – Author visit by Emma Cahill

Emma will be talking to the children about her book Under the Mask which focuses on resilience in children. Emma will bring a few copies of her book which will be available for purchase.  

Jan 15th - Fiona Forman will give a talk entitled ‘Raising Resilient Children-Approaches from Positive Psychology-see our events page for more details and to get your ticket!

Jan 17th - Dance sessions

Jan  20th to 24th is Wellbeing Week and the events will include:

Monday 20th:

➢ Funky Feet Walk for children in Malahide park

➢ Parent Coffee morning and fundraiser followed by a talk for parents by one of our own parents who is a clinical psychologist

Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th:

➢ Parent led Wellbeing stations

➢ Focus Wellbeing activities


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