After school Activities

  • Coding Club

     Emer is running a free coding club. The class will consist of

    • Coding activities including paper based activities
    • Activities using a programmable bee
    • Activities using coding apps.

    Content will be differentiated according to the abilities of the children in the class

     When:Wednesdays 2-2:30

    Where: Emer’s classroom

    Cost: Free

    Duration: 6 weeks from 1st March- 5th April

    This class is open to all ages.

    If your child is in 1st class and you sign them up, then you do not need to pick them up at 1.55pm. They will be brought straight to coding club by Emer and will require collection when coding club ends at 2.30pm

    There are 20 places available and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If your child is already attending a free after school class, please be mindful of letting other children have an opportunity to sign up. If you would like to sign your child up please reply by email to with your completed registration form and parents responsibilities form. Both must be returned in order to be allocated a place. The form is also in the body of the email in case you have trouble opening the attachment.

    Kind regards,



    Malahide/Portmarnock ETNS Parent Association

    Afterschool Activity Registration Form

    Class Title:               Coding Club

    Class Dates             March 1st – April 5th 6 weeks

    Child name & class: _________________________________________

     Address  ____________________________________________________

     Parents/Guardians Name: _________________________________________

     Parents/Guardians Email:_________________________________________

     Primary contact number: _________________________________________

     Secondary contact Number: _________________________________________

    Emergency name/no.:        _________________________________________

     Emergency name/no.:        _________________________________________

     Person/s authorised to collect child:    ______________________________

    **No child will leave the school with a person not designated by the Parent/Guardian.

    Is child allowed to walk home:     ______________________________

    Name of family doctor:           ______________________________

    Address of Doctor:                  ______________________________

    Medical details the Afterschool Activity Teacher should be aware of:


    After School Activities Policy Parent Responsibilities

    Parents/Guardians of children who require the assistance of a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) during normal school time should meet with the PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator and instructor/teacher of the extra-curricular activity at the earliest opportunity to discuss this matter.

    3.3 Parents

    • Parents must ensure that their children are collected on time at the end of an activity. If a parent/guardian does not collect or is late to collect their child on three separate occasions, the child can no longer attend the activity.
    • Parents must fill out the required registration form for each activity and pay the activity fees at the afterschool activity registration meeting.
    • Parents must alert the PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator to any special needs, illnesses or allergies of their child(ren).
    • Parents must familiarize themselves with rules for off-site activities.
    • Parents should contact the PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator if they are unhappy with any aspect of the after school activities.
    • Parents should remind their children of MPETNS Positive Behaviour Policy.
    • Due to allergies, no nuts are allowed in school.

    3.4 Children

    Although the school day is over school rules and the Positive Behaviour Policy still apply. For example no mobile phones are allowed to be powered on during after school activities.


          Kind hands, feet and words

          Stop, look and listen.

          Do your best and let others do the same.

          Show respect at all times to all those people and things around you.

    11. Discipline

    Although issues of discipline are a rare occurrence during after school activities, the handling of such issues should follow the MPETNS Code of Positive Behaviour document.

    The after school activity teacher may discuss any minor issues of discipline directly with a parent/guardian as a means of resolution, prior to raising the issue with the PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator.

    If the nature of the problem is (i) repeated and /or (ii) serious (i.e. harm to others, damage to property, inappropriate behaviour etc.) the after school activity teacher will make a written report to the PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator.

    For a serious issue the child may be entrusted to the care of the extra available adult while the Parent / Guardian is contacted.

    The PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the issue. On the second report of a serious breach of discipline the PA Afterschool Activity Coordinator will notify the parent/guardian in writing of the nature and seriousness of the issue. On the third such report the parent/guardian will be notified of the decision to exclude a student from a particular activity.

    I have read and agree with the excerpt from the Malahide Portmarnock Educate Together After-School Activities Policy.

    I accept responsibility to ensure full compliance with it.

    Parent/Guardian Signed:  ________________________________

    Date: ______________

    Malahide/Portmarnock ETNS Parent Association