Active School

  • Malahide/Portmarnock Educate Together National School has started the process of applying for our Active Flag. The aim of the Active Flag initiative is to get more schools, more active, more often. As an Active School we are striving to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. We hope to encourage less active children to enjoy physical activity more. Research shows that active children:

    • concentrate and learn better
    • present fewer discipline problems
    • achieve higher test results
    • enjoy school more

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    Physical Education

    Physical Activity


    In September, each class was very lucky to participate in a wonderful yoga class led by Nicola, Nina’s Mum. The classes were very tranquil and relaxing but also encouraged the children to focus, and work as a pair to create different poses. The children really enjoyed this time and have been asking when the next session will be!

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    ‘RUN’ Around Europe Challenge

    In the last week of September, all classes took part in the ‘RUN Around Europe’ Challenge. The Junior and Senior Infants walked half laps of the yard and at each stop ‘visited’ a different European city! Their teacher read them a fact card about the city to help learn a little more about these interesting places!

    1st and second class walked full laps of the yard to visit the cities and even took notes on the facts that were new to them! All classes managed to visit Dublin, London, Madrid, Rome, Paris and Berlin! 


    Take on the Teachers Challenge

    On Friday 29th September, our school took part in the ‘Take on the Teachers Challenge’. This activity happened nationwide in participating schools. Our teachers bravely challenged 2nd class to game of dodge ball! 2nd class put a lot of hard work into preparing for the big event. They knew the rules and were lightning quick! The teachers put up a good fight but 2nd class were victorious in the end. The atmosphere was brilliant with all classes out to support and cheer on their school mates and teachers.

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    Botanic Gardens Trip

    In October, the whole school took a trip to the Botanic Gardens. It was a fantastic day of strolling around and exploring the gardens. We saw, smelt and touched some very interesting plants and flowers. We got to have a picnic outside for our lunch. The children really enjoyed this. It was great to be outside in the fresh autumn air! We also got to check out the pumpkin display which was very impressive!

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    Harvest Dance

    On the last day of term in October, we gathered as a school in the yard for our Harvest Dance! First we boogied to some classic Halloween songs like ‘Ghost Busters’ and ‘Monster Mash’, while each class had the opportunity to give us a fashion show of their super harvest costumes! In the weeks before this, the children had also been busy learning the moves to the songs ‘Clap, Stomp, Jump’ and ‘Happy’ on Go Noodle. We danced to these together and the children did a super job of remembering the steps. Great fun was had by all, and it was fantastic to see how many talented dancers we have in our school!   



    Drop Everything And Dance 

    During November, we kept ourselves active during the school day with Drop Everything and Dance! The teachers played music at different intervals during the day, once the children heard this they had to put down what they were doing and bust a move! We used songs from Kidz Bop, with ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ being some of the favourites. This spontaneity brought about many smiles, giggles and laughs. It also helped to warm us up as the cold weather of November started to set in. It was fantastic to see how many little performers we have in our classes!

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    Active School Flag Team

    In December, we had our first Active School Flag Committee meeting! One child from the Junior Infant classes and two children from Senior Infants, 1st class and 2nd class were chosen to represent their class and be a part of the Active Flag Team. We are so looking forward to hearing the children’s voices in this process. These children have some very important roles. They will relay information about our monthly Active Focus back to their class. They will bring ideas and suggestions from their class to the Active Flag Committee meetings. They may be asked to help teach their class how to do some of the activities we try during the year. They are going to try to remind their teacher daily about our monthly Active Focus! Children from 2nd class have also been great helping hands on the yard with the Infant classes. They have been teaching them skipping and how to shoot into hoops, as well as being brilliant role models! New children will be selected to be on the committee each term.

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    12 Days of Fitness 

    In December, each class took on the challenge of the 12 Days of Fitness. We started on Thursday 7th December with; On the first day of fitness my teacher gave to me 1 stork stand (balance on one foot). Each day another action was added until we got to the 12th and final day. This was on the 23rd December, our last day of school before the winter holidays. At the end of the first yard, we gathered together and sang the song and did the actions as a school. The second class Active School Team members helped to lead this. All classes did a great job of learning and practising all the actions!

    12 Days of fitness song


    Sam Maguire Cup 

    We were very lucky to receive a visit from the Sam Maguire Cup! There was great excitement in the air as it was brought around to each class. 

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    Active School Week

    Last year, our Active School Week took place from 12th – 16th June 2017. The children took part in a different activity each day. They enjoyed Skip n’ Rope sessions, tennis lessons, soccer training and hip hop classes, all taught by external coaches. We finished off the week with our family fun day on the Friday. The whole school were split into different groups and moved around the different stations set up and run by parents and staff. At the end of the day, all families were invited to enjoy a picnic in the yard and some fun races and games.

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    We are really looking forward to our Active School Week this year and hoping that it will be just as successful! It is looking like we will run it in the last term of school when the weather should be starting to get sunnier and warmer! Keep and eye here and on the school calendar for dates. Parental involvement is always much appreciated, if there are any activities you think you could help with, please don’t hesitate to let us know!